Developing a Habbo v16 server from scratch!

Hello! I like to make projects related to Java and web development, sometimes combined.

I speak both English and Spanish.

If you came here to download something, it's all in the Archive.


My current project is an emulation of the Habbo server from 2007 (v16).

I have done many web related projects in the past, most of them already dead.

One still alive is Hitholl - an v5 Habbo server as it was around 2003 running an edited version of Blunk, with a website made internally from scratch but keeping the 2003 Habbo website layout, including the original working Habbo Housekeeping.

This website is also an example - the CSS is made from scratch, and for the Habbo Wiki I made a simple CMS, in order to manage its content easily. The Releases page is also dynamic and depends on GitHub's API.

This tool to copy-paste Discord emojis as images is also pretty useful.


You can contact me via Twitter or email me to alcosmos at outlook dot com.