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Something is moving on the walls

 monitorimatti - 2023, February 17 16:39 (UTC +0000, UTC)


 Before getting into the purpose of this post, I have to announce that, just like I mentioned I would do, I have added a bunch of stuff to Helena, the v16 Habbo server; that includes delayed item interactions (dices, wheel) and...

ROLLERS! Still have to fix a few things on them — do you know about that bug of placing items while the roller is moving something else, which ended up becoming the stacking mechanic for Habbo? Emulating bugs is the worst. But I have already done it, inside my head; now I only have to write the fix into my server, which I am already feeling too lazy to do. Talking about distractions...

 This is something rater unusual for me, since I don't plan to do client stuff, and make the server work with the vanilla v16 client.

 But a few weeks ago, while I was hanging around Puomi, Joao and Alito were interested into an old mechanic, which, according to Ascii, Puomi's owner (source needed (about the mechanic, not him being Puomi's owner, of course (embedding parenthesis looks terrible, BTW))), had been present into the Habbo client; but was removed due to it allowing the duplication of wall items. The fact that the Shockwave Habbo client lacked it always felt so odd, and that makes it worth to be restored in my opinion.

I'm talking about the ability to move wall items, just like you do with floor furniture; something which wouldn't be seen until Flash Habbo. And Joao and Alito really wanted it. So, what do? They coded it. Kind of. From what they have told me, Ascii first coded the request message into the client, but him being so humble, didn't seem to want to admit about doing it.

 Is that all? Nope. Sefhriloff and Alito's target versions jump between v14, v17, v18 and v21, among others, mostly due to them being the ones Habbo BZ, the Retro they are currently helping with, either has supported, currently supports or will support in the future. And Alito offered to give it to me. But I target v16. Fortunately, he added it to v16's hh_room CCT and handed it to me. I am adding this feature to my server along with its own request ID 91 despite it being considered "custom", since I can just not include it in the client, and a single extra request class in the server doesn't bother anyone.

 And like that, badabing badaboom, things on the walls are now able to move.

Waddling around my old Habbo server

 theallseeingeye - 2023, January 23 21:37 (UTC +0000, UTC)


 Six months. That's roughly how much time has passed since I worked on my Habbo v16 server for the last time. A long time for someone whose, quoting my own homepage at the time of writing this post, "main, long term project, is a complete emulation of the Habbo server from 2007 (v16)".

 It's not like I have been doing nothing since then. New projects, along with playing the same games over and over, made me get distracted, and since I work by "phases", Habbo was put aside. The result is the abandonment of my beloved server.

 Until today. I got bored, and since I am already working on my current project during spare time on class, opened IntelliJ and pressed "Run 'Helena'". A bit of meddling around the config, and got it running again. Opened Pale Moon, and logged in.

 The urge to work on it came back. Still able to remember the last thing I was about work on: timed interactions, like throwing a dice and it taking a few ticks to actually roll. But first? An aberration had to be born. A meme, even. Something that I had been wanting to make for a while, yet my distancing from this project didn't allow me to code it.

That's how the Club Penguin dance was coded into my Habbo server. The low framerate of the Habbo client doesn't allow to run it smoothly, so it's a lottery which steps will play and which ones won't. It also violates the 2 ticks per second in the room server (something I should add to my Habbo Wiki). But nothing which can't be solved with some terrible spaghetti. Who cares, it's temporary*. It's tucked into its own class, so it doesn't affect the cleanliness of the rest of the server.

 Now comes the serious business. I've already thought about how timed interactions will work. I also plan to refactor my old noob code with something better at some point**. Hopefully, this time I continue working on it for a while. I love this project, and it deserves all the love and effort I'm able to put into it.

 I also love this blog; who would've thought that writing your thoughts into an INSERT query instead of keeping them for yourself would be this entertaining?

 Writing this was also an excuse to add proper image support on my blog other than simple <img>. It still needs some proper code instead of the current spaghetti, I guess. Oh well.

 * In software development slang, temporary code is a word used to describe a permanent, definitive piece of code.

 ** Previous definition also applies on this case.

The birth of the blog and Pucherín Online

 Alcosmos - 2023, January 18 21:28 (UTC +0000, UTC)


 I have added a new page to this website: the one you are seeing right now.

  Why? Because it felt weird to have a newsletter in Hitholl, which I tend to use as a blog of sorts, and not have something similar in what is basically the central hub of everything I do. That, along with an additional newsletter in an incoming project, made of this addition a no-brainer.

What about Pucherín Online?

  Now, what is Pucherín Online? It's a browser game adaptation of a hundred years old, rather unknown spanish board game. Got it assigned as a task for class during Chrismas, did nothing but play Minecraft and Team Fortress 2, and then proceeded to rush it, spending around 4 hours of my class time in two consecutive days on it.

  I could've gotten extra points by adding the additional functionality required by the teacher. Still had almost a week to do it, and plenty of free time on class. So, did I do it? No! I made a server and added an online mode. Then a mode against bots. And then an auto mode. All of which is probably gonna get me 0 additional points over what I already have.

  The important bit is: do I care? Surprisingly for someone who always completes her additional assignments, I kind of don't. Finally got an opportunity to use Python for a real project, and I care more about that than the extra points.

  Anyway, I should stop rambling and put the updated website with the blog in production, because I'm still writing this on localhost and oh god rambling in your own blog is so much more addictive than I thought, and definitely better than Twitter; I finally get why people do this.